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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why do you have copyrighted photos on a public domain website?
A Several reasons.

For one thing, many people use these photos for non-commercial uses. Kids doing reports, desktop wallpaper, Wikipedia, etc. So having the photos available to them makes sense, even if they aren't public domain.

Also, this site evolved over many years as a place to put my photos on-line for family and friends. Strangers kept asking me if they could use the images for their own projects, and after awhile that sort of took on a life of it's own. So even though the vast majority of the site usage is from strangers just looking for free pictures, my friends and family still use the site for seeing what's going on in my life. For me the site has many uses other than just public domain photos.

Q: How do I download the pictures?
A: When you get to the picture you want, right click on the picture itself and choose "save picture as" from the menu that comes up. Then you'll get a dialog where you can save the picture on your computer. From there you can print it, make it your wallpaper, etc. More details here.

Q: Can I get a hi-res copy of one of you photos for publishing?
A: I am slowly going back into the archives and making hi-res versions available for a small fee. The photos with such a version already will have a link on their detail page. If you need a hi-res file for a photo that doesn't have one yet, please let me know and I'll try to upload one. These versions are being hosted at SmugMug. Here is a direct link to my files there. Right now only a few of the images are available.

If you request a new hi-res version be made available, please make sure I know what photo you are talking about when you ask. The easiest way to do this is to just paste the URL of the photo's page in your email.

Q Did you know ThinkAll.com is using your images, and they are a scam?
A I'm aware of the issue. Much more detail here. I bought some CDs from them a couple years ago and had no problem. But now many people seem to be getting ripped off. Personally I would avoid sending them money, based on what I'm reading. But there isn't much I can do to stop them from using the photos. Once I put them up and say anyone can use them, someone is bound to use them for evil.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: I will never release or transfer or allow anyone else to get personal information you send me. Not ever under any circumstances no matter what. Unless withholding such information would land me in jail. In which case I still probably wouldn't release it, but I'd have to think hard about that. But do keep in mind that if you post your email here you are posting it in full public view and anyone can grab it. If you want to hide your email, but still make it available, you can register. This will make it so that only logged in users will be able to see it.

Q You deleted one of my comments. Did I do something wrong?
A Probably not. I just like to keep the comments "clean". This means a couple different things. Since the site will be here for years or decades, I try to avoid comments which will just fill up the page, but not add value down the road. If you just want to tell me a photo is wonderful, I appreciate that, but I don't need thousands of comments like that. Also, since many kids use the site for school projects, I try to weed out things which parents and teachers might object to. I just think the site will be more useful that way.

Q Is it okay if I use one of your photos for my commercial project?
A I'm not a lawyer. Read the license for the photo you want to use. If it's public domain, that means I've given up any rights to the image, and asking me if you can use it is pointless. If the picture is public domain, but contains trademarks, other copyrighted items, or people, then others may have rights that might be actionable. But probably not, and such things should be obvious. And if you are using these pictures commercially you really should have some legal savvy beyond anything I might be able to add. Don't ask me for legal advice. I won't give it.

Q Can I have your permission to use one of the photos here?
A If it's public domain, you don't need to ask me permission. Public domain means I don't have any copyright on the image, and neither does anyone else. You might think it's just polite to ask, and I appreciate that. But with many people asking every day, it can get a bit tedious.

Q I'm using one of your photos. What text should I use to credit you?
A "Photo courtesy PDPhoto.org"

Q Do you have a CD with all the photos, or with higher-resolution versions?
A Nope. All my archives are stored in Canon RAW format on DVDs. When formatting for the web I don't store a hi-res version. I may put out a DVD someday. But not any time soon. Ditto for a CD that has all of the images that are on the website. Perhaps someday, but not now.

Q: Do you have a random quote?
A: Yes:
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