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Margarita - 2003-09-14  
At some point one of the local independent newspapers (Fahrenheit) started using my public domain photos. Which is cool. But they also asked me if I~~d like to write some recipes for the paper. Which I did, and have.

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Camera: Canon D60, Not recorded, Lens: Not recorded, Not recorded, Not recorded, ISO Not recorded
Keywords: margaritas green drinks ice cocktails
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This work is in the Public Domain.
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Used it for a Cinco de Mayo party invite. Thanks
Posted by mainlinemom at 9:54 PM EST on Apr 26th, '04

using it for ad for new restaurant that just got license and has really fab margaritas. We are brand new paper and have no budget and are competing against the big chains so you are helping us fight the corporate giants and I really appreciate it. -Julie

Made its way to the Wikipedia dictionary (not by me though)

Thank you so much! I used this for a website dedicated to finding cheap drinks and I needed pictures of different drinks. It's for a class project, but I hope one day to turn the site into a business.
Posted by sekoni at 11:25 AM EST on Apr 11th, '05

I came across this image while browsing the free templates at Bravenet.com.
Posted by Lauren at 3:01 PM EST on May 4th, '05

I googled Photo of Margarita drinks and your site appeared!

Posted by El Borracho! :-) at 8:42 AM EST on May 5th, '05

i used it for my sch proj.thanks alot!!
Posted by daqdash at 12:44 AM EST on Jun 23rd, '05

Perfect for our new Margarita Pedicure product labels! Thanks again for the fabulous photos!!

Used in on premises video ad, Puerto Viejo Costa Rica
Posted by Hot Rocks at 1:56 PM EST on Jul 16th, '05

Used it at my website about Margarita Island and some about some famous margarita drinks:


Thanks a lot! I certainly will use it in my web /ideacreamanuela- esnips
Posted by ideacreamanuela at 9:01 AM EST on Sep 14th, '07

I am in the process of creating my website: gammacleaning.com. Will certainly use the photo of the Palm Trees, with a link, thank you for giving the freedom to use your beautiful work of art. As for the Margarita... I am drinking one now ;) Cooooool!!!