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Bug - 2003-05-22  
For those of you waiting for a Democrat in Congress to grow a spine and stand up to Bush, I give you Senator Robert C. Byrd

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Camera: Canon D60, Not recorded, Lens: Not recorded, Not recorded, Not recorded, ISO Not recorded
Keywords: ladybugs macro insects
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This work is in the Public Domain.
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Thanks, I think I'll use this as the photo for my wife's xp id.

Your ladybug photo was selected for the daily jigsaw at http://www.jigcardgallery.com/

Thanks for sharing your wonderful photographs.

This is now a desktop wallpaper for my daughters XP id (7 years old, living in the Netherlands) ... she just loves ladybugs... and i love these amazing photographs..

Nominated for Featured picture at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Featured_picture_candidates

Posted by Arno at 8:55 AM EST on Oct 1st, '04

Hello. Excellent photograph. Believe it or not, i'm building a scale model of a ladybug, made by a company called Heller, and this photo really helps for reference. What is your name so I can add photo credit to the title when I save this? Thank you.
Posted by Robert Burns at 1:35 AM EST on Oct 16th, '04

I put it as an illustration in the article about Ladybug in Wikipedia - http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biedronkowate
Posted by Lukasz at 11:41 AM EST on Oct 29th, '04

I will use it for my site: http://www.blackmateria.net

Your photos are the most amazing I have ever seen. I am using this one for wallpaper this week. I'll be back next week to choose another.

Thanks for your kindness! The pictures are beautiful. I've used some pictures to enhance my website "RehabTree" which is promoting healthcare to the people!
Posted by Shawn at 3:28 AM EST on Jan 30th, '05

Thank you for your beautifuls photos
I make card paper and gifs I offerts
on my blog, I do someone with your photo.

Will use this photo when we read the book "The Very Grouchy Ladybug." Will tell other teachers about it. Thank you!!!
Posted by Reading teacher at 9:14 PM EST on Mar 21st, '05

wowee zowee. this will go into the animal study picture folder (models for drawing).

and i agree with you regarding mr. byrd. a fine man. almost as fine as this picture.

Using many of your pictures for Brainsbreaker Jigsaws.
Thank you.

Hi, love the pictures, going to be using some on the site.

Great photo. I want to use it on an enviornmental web site.

I used this photo to make a desktop wallpaper and an avatar (in the gallery in my link). Thank you so much for sharing so generously!

I would like to use this picture for my Sunday School class.
Thank you
Posted by ginrose@zoominternet.net at 9:01 PM EST on Jun 25th, '05

Most of the pictures are fabulous but i would like to get pictures of different wines , champagnes & beer.

I would love to use this picture as wallpaper on my home computer. I love ladybugs. TY

Thanks for the beautiful photo. I used it in a little tutorial on programming and image manipulation.

i am going to make a business card for me using this...i just love it (love at first site..maybe)

thx a lot

Thanks for this high quality photo of a Marienk?fer. The photo is in use by January, 1st 2006 on our website www.dslnachpankow.de . The site is dedicated to bringing broadband (such as DSL, WiMAX and other solutions) to the Berlin district Pankow, where most people still have to use 56K or ISDN due to fibre optic cables.

Happy new year!

This photo and others from here will be used to demonstrate a photo display module for eBay templates created by my husband. To see the photo module you can do a seller search for mysteryslair or demthings. If you dont see any auctions.. Please come back soon and take another look. Theres no telling what may be put up for auction! Thank you for such beautiful photos!

Thanks for such a great photo, I'd like to use on my web site.
Posted by Brenda at 1:52 PM EST on Feb 10th, '06

Beautiful Picture. I created a cute little acrylic painting of it.


Wow, this photo is fantastic! I'm using it as part of my degree course - the theme is science - and as a teaching assistant to help the children create a display of minibeast habitats. Thank you so much.

I used your image on my ladybug themed blog. :) Thank you very much, it's gorgeous!

Will use for my ladybug themed blog etc. Thank you so much.

I make cakes with edible photographs, and was looking for a ladybird for such purpose when I came upon your photo. It truly is beautiful - to good to eat!!

I used your ladybug photo to illustrate an Earth Day idea on my blog: http://kenhoytstyle.com/blog/?p=156
thank you for sharing!

I used your beautiful photo on my blog today at Atlantic Ave., discovered via Wikipedia, thank you!

Thanks a lot for letting us use your beautiful pictures! I used this Bug picture on my website: http://tipspot.net
Thanks again!

Thank you for your beautiful bug-photo. I put it on my blog-side www.kandelaber-blog.de

Viele Gr??e