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Ireland - 2002-06-20  
Beltany stone circle.

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Camera: Canon D60, Not recorded, Lens: Not recorded, Not recorded, Not recorded, ISO Not recorded
Keywords: beltany stone circles
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This work is in the Public Domain.
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Wonderful shot! Thanks for sharing this - I am planning to use it as 'decoration' on my homepage.

I will be using this beautiful pic for an Ireland flyer.

I'm putting together a slide show with music to show residents of a nursing home on St. Patty'd Day.
Posted by Danny Boy at 2:24 PM EST on Feb 24th, '05

will be using it as a greeting card. Thanks!

Beautiful pic! I am gonna use it for a flyer for an Ireland Night event organized by a student
organization in Riga, Latvia. I'll post a link to a finished flyer when I'm done. Thanks much!
Posted by Fatherless at 5:14 AM EST on Mar 3rd, '05

I used this photo as a background for part of a powerpoint show that was projected before and during my daughter's Step Dance show. Lovely photo!!

I am using your picture for the cover of a
music CD. Thank you very much.
Posted by anonymous at 11:52 AM EST on Apr 22nd, '05

I used it for a school project I got a A!!
Posted by GreenisGood at 8:56 PM EST on May 5th, '05

AS a resident Donegalian, I really like this photo, almost as beautiful as the real thing!

Using this image as the centerpoint for a calendar cover. Great photo!
Posted by D?nal at 9:12 PM EST on Oct 4th, '05

I'd like to use your Beltany Stone Circle image in our upcoming Rough Guide to Ireland and would happily credit you as photographer and send you a copy of the book if okay with you?


I will be using this for my wallpaper for my computer at work and home. I am from Ireland and have never had the pleasure of coming back (yet). I really want to come back and visit but I have to wait for that life time dream when the finances are right. Orphaned when born and brought to US. Want to come back and see Ireland. One half of twin set taken to USA in 1952. Thank you for the beautiful art.

Posted by Kathleen T. Kelley Barthelemy at 5:12 PM EST on Nov 29th, '05

I used this picture for an illustration of an Ireland article in ?ZKN-Mitteilungen?. Thanks so much!

I used this photo for a poster promoting a community college sponsored trip to Ireland. Thanks very much!

I will use the picture in my bar. It will be printed and framed. Good work
Posted by D Doyle at 8:10 AM EST on Feb 19th, '06

Great pic. I'm using it as the background picture for my March calendar in honor of St. Pat's.

will be using this photograph at pre-school as part of our display for irish week thanks very much
Posted by caroline at 1:39 PM EST on Mar 1st, '06

I will be using this photo as the background for my elementary St. Pat's play, thanks!
Posted by stacey at 3:12 PM EST on Mar 6th, '06

I used your beautiful picture for a school project about Ireland. I am in grade 5.

Thank you for the use of this wonderful photograph. I'll be using it to illustrate excerpts from the works of Irish poets for my blog.

We're using it to promote a summer school course on archaeology - thanks!

Great Shot! i using it as a background for my webpage about a cycling trip around Ireland I'm doing in June 06 - coming across from Australia

I want to use this for my speech class about Ireland. It truly depicts the beauty of the countryside. Thanks!!!
Posted by Susan at 10:17 PM EST on Mar 2nd, '07