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Rose - 2002-06-08  
After that I~~ll be heading north to Donegal and making it up as I go.

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Camera: Canon D60, Not recorded, Lens: Not recorded, Not recorded, Not recorded, ISO Not recorded
Keywords: roses flowers
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This work is in the Public Domain.
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I might use this for an article on my e-zine, check it out letm eknow what you think, my email is on the web site

I used it as a photo in a sonnet for my on-line magazine, The Mushroom Mag.

what a beautiful picture I will do my traditional art and try to reproduce the beauty into my style and give to those who never recieve roses....

Thanks. Photo to be used in church talk on Sharing.
Posted by Robin at 2:09 PM EST on Feb 17th, '06

Thanks, needed to complete very vain selfportrait.
Posted by mizzi at 6:37 AM EST on Apr 4th, '06

I will be using it for a memorial card for a friend of mine who died last year.