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Hummingbird - 2004-01-26  
At the San Diego Zoo

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Camera: Canon D60, Digital, Lens: Canon 100--400mm IS, f5.6, 1/60 sec, ISO 100
Keywords: hummingbirds feathers
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Its been years since I have been to S.D. zoo use to live there. I loved the Hummer place Evelyn
Posted by Evelyn at 11:00 AM EST on Jan 29th, '04

Exquisite colors. Wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing!

I have discovered your photos on the website of
photo from
I would like to download these pictures
I with your kind permission - of course giving the origin - in my non profit solution, in my work, the Birdfriedlexicon which will come out in Hungarian. I think it will not cause any damage for you, but it will have the advantage that the Hungarian readers can see into your activity of high standard and I think many will visit your website.
Hoping in your positive answer I wish everything good
Best regards,
Tibor Lengyel
Tin?di u. 5.

Posted by Tibor Lengyel at 10:33 PM EST on Sep 6th, '06

very Wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing!
Posted by ahmed at 11:18 PM EST on Apr 4th, '07

What a wonderful photo, thanks for sharing it. These little wonders of the world make me remember that there is beauty all around us, if we look for it.
Posted by Bonnie at 2:25 PM EST on Apr 8th, '07

words are not nessecary. thank you.
Posted by viviane at 2:35 PM EST on Apr 24th, '07

Beautiful photo. What type of hummer is that??