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Fireworks - 2002-07-04  

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Camera: , Not recorded
Keywords: fireworks
License: This image is public domain, because I took the picture and I've made it public domain. I don't care at all what you use this picture for. If you do use it, please consider linking back to this site. (Details)

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This work is in the Public Domain.
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Thanks so much, this is an awesome photo, I am going to use it in the bacground of an ad I am doing. You are the best!!!!!
Posted by Wally at 9:59 AM EST on May 24th, '04

I would like to use this photo as a background on my home page for my 4th of July sale that will run all month in July. If this is OK let me know,
jason_p40@yahoo.com, if you want me to give you credit for the photo that would be fine with me.

I am looking for backgrounds to use in a PowerPoint slide show during praise & worship at church on July 4th.
Posted by sharon at 1:17 PM EST on Jun 29th, '04

This is a great photo which I am using for my group of students with learning differences to talk and write about fireworks.
Thank you
Posted by Helen at 6:05 PM EST on Nov 1st, '04


i would like to use some of these great photos on a french site about festival and fireworks if you agree :

I used this for a background for my daughter-in-law's picture on a calendar. Her birthday is July 4th and I make the calendars for family for Christmas gifts.
Posted by Nani at 4:05 PM EST on Jan 9th, '05

I am considering using this wonderful photo on my website. I am just setting it up now if you think it would be ok let me know. (It's a store website)
Posted by Rhonda at 10:56 AM EST on Feb 2nd, '05

I'm considering using this picture as a background for the seating chart at my daughter's wedding. The wedding is July 2. Just seems natural to go with a fireworks theme!
Posted by Peggi at 4:02 PM EST on Jun 19th, '05

I am using these photos for my screensaver along with others I have found on the net along with my own.This months theme is fireworks of course.I also do flowers,winter,space,and so on. I should tell you that I found your quality to be the best yet for the fireworks.I will probably add others from your collection to my other themes.Thank you.
Posted by Steve at 2:33 AM EST on Jun 27th, '05

Thank you! This photo was perfect for the the lead picture in the July 4th issue of The Bulletin, a non-commercial, extended family newsletter delivered via e-mail and on the web. I gave you a credit line, too.

Thank you for allowing us to use your pictures. I am using this one in our newsletter to celebrate our third anniversary. It's a pretty simple, straight-forward use of the picture. I just used Photoshop to reduce the size and posted as is. You can see it here - http://www.prosperityforyou.com/prosperous_times_edition_112.htm

The photo was perfect for me to illustrate a point about the health dangers that fireworks cause. Thanks. Strange... I downloaded it from another public domain web site weeks ago. It's at http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Falls/9200/toxic_fireworks.html

I am selling these pics like hotcakes, I am hungry too. I am copying 50,000 for corporate event at the McCormick Place in Chicago.
$35.00 each

Posted by JOHN BRYANT at 1:03 AM EST on Mar 1st, '06

Hi, I am considering using some of your photos for screensavers for my site. I will put a credit to you on the photo. Great pictures. Let me know if this is not an acceptable use.

What a terrific shot! Thank you for allowing free use of this photo, which is perfect for
greetings sent out to my fellow-prayer-warriors
for a "Happy New Year!"

All the best to you in 2008!
Posted by Laura at 9:10 PM EST on Dec 31st, '07

Great photo. I put a credit to this along with the photo on my blog. Thank you.

Love this photo. I'm using it for my 4th of July blog post at Travels With Bella Figura USA.

And yes, we ALWAYS link back to you! Must give credit where credit is due. Thanks.