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Fireworks - 2002-07-04  

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Camera: Canon D60, Not recorded, Lens: Not recorded, Not recorded, Not recorded, ISO Not recorded
Keywords: fireworks
License: This image is public domain, because I took the picture and I've made it public domain. I don't care at all what you use this picture for. If you do use it, please consider linking back to this site. (Details)

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This work is in the Public Domain.
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We exist to try to keep kids connected to the world in a way that does not frighten them - a tough challenge these days! I'm using this photo in a story about fireworks safety. Thanks for the use of these beautiful photos! Judy Miller, Editor

Thanks for making this fantastic photo open to public domain. I plan on using this photo for the background of my in-laws 50th anniversary thank you cards.
Posted by Joe W, Ontario - Canada at 11:15 PM EST on May 14th, '05

I am starting a personal fireworks service for weddings and special occassions and I thought this photo would make a great splash page for my ad. It's gorgeous! Thanks!

I have used this photo for a University assignment - thanks for the wonderful pics
Posted by Sally at 9:08 PM EST on Jun 22nd, '05

Hey, I uploaded it to wikimedia commons. Thanks a lot

hello, im gemma and work for the evening news in Norwich, England and i believe we will be useing you picture in an novemer the 5th newspaper of the jumbo! thanks its a grat picture just what we need
Posted by gemma at 5:56 AM EST on Oct 18th, '05

Thank you for helping me make money man. I sold 200 of these at a local Art showing in the Brickyard mall, Chicago Il. I sold these photos for $11.99 they sold like flies on shit. keep up the good work, waiting for your next prints.

thanks for letting me use your picture. I posted in with my Fourth of July post


Just wanted to thank you for this awesome pic. Used it as one of the images appearing in our company 2007 calendar that we sent to our clients. I modified it in Photoshop to create emboss/imprint personalised names on it. Thanks a lot and hope more and more people can benefit from this awesome but good quality freebie photo collection. Kudos to you!
Posted by Sameera at 6:52 AM EST on Jan 30th, '07

I'm using this picture in a poster about Bonfire Night, as part of a school book for European teenagers learning about UK culture. Many thanks.

Thanks a lot! I certainly will use it in my web /ideacreamanuela- esnips
Posted by ideacreamanuela at 9:00 AM EST on Sep 14th, '07

Thanks! I'm using this as the front of the postcards that I am sending out for Save the Date cards for my wedding!
Posted by Ginny at 8:48 AM EST on Oct 8th, '07

Very nice picture. I used it for my project work.

Awesome pic using it for a power point presentation on New Years
Posted by Jeremy at 11:59 AM EST on Dec 17th, '07

My elder daughter's BD is New Years Eve and this shall be her handmade card cover. Thank you.
Posted by Proud Daddy at 8:21 AM EST on Dec 27th, '07

Hi! I think your photo is magnificent and I used it on my web post. Merci beaucoup!
Posted by Francois at 1:11 AM EST on Dec 30th, '07


I am just getting a website together as myhusband and myself provide small wedding displays etc and we love your photos and will be using this for our website. Magic Thanks very much
Posted by pyrogirl1uk at 3:53 AM EST on May 18th, '08

Thanks for letting me & a friend use this for a wedding project at school. :)
Posted by Kelly/Raven at 2:16 PM EST on May 19th, '08

Used your photo as the background for my birthday invitations - reversed the colours to save ink and allow overprinting. Thanks!

Used your photo on my blog, http://ariztravel.com/2008/06/21/arizona-fourth-of-july-events/

Hi, thanks for the use of your photo. I am in Chicago and we have a big fireworks display here on July 3. Sadly, my students and I will be in class and will have to miss them. So, I printed out your photo to put up in the classroom to lift their spirits! Thank you!
Posted by Shelley at 5:52 PM EST on Jul 3rd, '08

Hi! Mommy Lounge is a blog run by two stay at home moms. We wanted to post a cool picture for the 4th of July. Thanks for letting us use it! You can see your beautiful pic at http://mommylounge.wordpress.com